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FLYNN ON FIRE: Smoked Märzen
FLYNN ON FIRE: Smoked Märzen
First Sold: February 2016
Availability: Late March 2017
5.4% ABV and 30 IBU
Unfiltered and 100% Naturally Carbonated

A strong dose of old world smokiness adds a whole new dimension to the Märzen experience. Our Smoked Märzen carries an intense smoke flavor that elevates this style to new heights of complexity and satisfaction. Take a few sips and be transported to the cobblestone streets and biergartens of Bamberg, Germany where Rauchbiers are a way of life.

All Switchback beers are brewed in Burlington, Vermont and are carbonated during fermentation by the yeast itself resulting in a 100% naturally conditioned beer. After aging, we simply move the beer to the keg or bottle, leaving it unfiltered for the freshest, fullest, most natural flavor possible.

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