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22oz bottles of Switchback Ale beer on the bottling line at Switchback Brewing Co.
12oz stubby beer bottles on the bottling line at Switchback Brewing Co.
22oz and 12oz bottles of Switchbeer beer including Switchback Ale, Citra-Pils Keller Bier, Dooley's Belated Porter, Märzen Fest Bier, Roasted Red, Slow-Fermented Brown Ale, Extra Pale Ale
Our Bottles

In 2012, after ten years of packaging in kegs only, we began bottling our beers using a state-of-the art German engineered filler.  The gentle and hygienic handling of the beer in this bottling line allows for all of our beers to be absolutely identical to the draught version. We insist upon better than industry standard dissolved oxygen levels in our bottles in order to maintain the “fresh from the aging tank” flavor that we desire.

In late November of 2015 we finally took the next big step by starting to package 12oz. bottles of Switchback Ale and Rotating Specials. Rather than use the standard longneck bottles, we package in short-neck bottles. Switchback is the first local brewery to make use of this bottle style, which we lovingly call "stubbies".

All of our beers are left unfiltered and as a result, we encourage you to mix the yeast back into the beer to experience it as originally bottled. Watch the video below to see some examples of how you can do this.

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