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Brewer Bites: Extra Pale Ale (XPA)

The slow, lazy days of summer have finally arrived, and our endless options of outdoor activities have all come beckoning at once. Whether we find ourselves out on the lake or deep in the woods, having dinner with friends or a baseball game or festival of any sort, or even just taking in a quiet evening at home on the porch, we all know that these perfect summer days won’t last long, so we’ve all got…

Brewer Bites: Slow-Fermented Brown Ale

In 2009, we acquired a “new” four-vessel copper brew house from Germany and began brewing all of our flagship Switchback Ale on this 66 barrel system rather than on our original two-vessel 15 barrel system, allowing us to make significantly more beer at a time and subsequently giving our brewers a whole lot of extra free time. But of course, a brewer’s mind never sits idle, and thoughts immediately…
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